How to Check the Error History on Nintendo Switch

How to Check the Error History on Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch unveiled some unexpected features by the fans, one of the most memorable is the lack of log activity; Wii U and Nintendo 3DS that can track the duration of the amount of time spent when the console is in use. But unfortunately, Switch does not include activity log and can only display a few days.

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813-6561

On this occasion, will try to check the error history on the Nintendo switch. Usually, when an error code is received in the Nintendo Switch console,
the file will be stored in the error history log for future reference. For 10 most recent errors will be saved to console error history, with the latest error displayed at the top of the list.

Steps to Check the Error History on Nintendo Switch:

Here's how to get started:

1. Select on "System Setup" from the HOME Menu.

Nintendo Switch Error 2811-7503

2. Select "Support / Health & Safety."

Nintendo Switch Error Eshop

3. Select "Error History."

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110-2003

4. The list of recent errors will be displayed. Scroll through the list, and select the error you want to see.

5. Once selected, you can choose from the following options:

A.View Error

  • Displays error messages associated with the error code.


  • Displays information on network settings when an error occurs.

C. Software

  • Displays information about the software used when the error occurred.

D. System

  • Displays information on the console settings when an error occurs.
Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813-0009

Very easy tutorial check the error history on Nintendo switch, if you have trouble downloading or updating the Nintendo switch online app you can read it here.