How to Nintendo Switch First Time Charge

How to Nintendo Switch First Time Charge - If you recently bought and will use Nintendo Switches for the first time, you might still feel strange where lies the liaison position and charge on your console. In this occasion will provide a guide how to switch to Nintendo's first-time charge.
Things you need to know the charging adapter is only compatible with console Nintendo Switch AC adapter only (model No. HAC-002). In charging the Nintendo console these Switches takes about 3 hours to fully charge. For those of you who have experienced user Nintendo switch not charging, you can read here for a guide. Following this steps for Nintendo switch first-time charge:

Nintendo Switch Charging Time

The Nintendo console Switches can be charged in two ways:

Directly With the AC Adapter:

1. Connect the USB plug from the Switch Nintendo AC adapter into the USB connector on the bottom of the console, then connect the AC adapter into the wall outlet.

How To Tell If Nintendo Switch Is Charging

How To Charge Nintendo Switch On The Go

Using the Dock:

1. Connect the AC adapter into the Switch to Nintendo to the Nintendo Switch dock.

  • Connect the USB plug from the AC Adapter into the top of the dock terminal labeled "AC Adapter".

Nintendo Switch Charging Indicator

  • Close the Nintendo Switch Dock cover.

2. Insert the console Nintendo Switches into the dock.

Important: Ensure the LCD screen is facing the same Ene as the front panel of the docking station.

3. Connect the Nintendo Switch AC adapter into the wall outlet.