Why Joy-Con Not Responding When Used Wirelessly

Why Joy-Con Not Responding When Used Wirelessly - Now I will discuss problem joy-con not responding when used wirelessly. The last article guide for Joy-con problems on controller buttons,  and control sticks we have publish, check out some of the conditions joy-con that exist as below:

Joy-Con Not Responding When Used Wirelessly Not Working

  • When using the Joy-Con controller wirelessly, the characters appear to be moving on their own or not responding correctly.
  • When used wirelessly, the Joy-Con handler responds intermittently.
  • The Joy-Con controller seems to lose connection to the console.

Why Joy-Con Not Responding When Used Wirelessly

Some gamers said their Nintendo switch controller not responding the left joy con not working the other said right joy con buttons not working and ahad problem while the right joycon not connecting to device. Here how to fix the Nintendo switch problems:

In Joy-Con condition as above try to do the following steps:

  1. Make sure your console has the latest system updates.
  2. Make sure the Joy-Con controller is charged.
  3. Try to reduce the distance between Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch console.
  4. Make sure the Nintendo Switch console is placed to minimize interference with the Joy-Con.

Preferably the Nintendo Switch console is placed in the open and not that:

  • Behind the TV
  • Near the aquarium
  • Placed inside or under metal objects
  • Emphasized on a large number of wires and cables
  • Within three to four feet of other wireless devices, such as wireless speakers or wireless access points.

5. Check for possible sources of interference and turn off. Distractions can be caused by devices, such as:
  • Laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Wireless headset
  • Wireless printer
  • Microwaves
  • Wireless Speaker
  • Cordless phone
  • USB 3.0 compatible devices such as hard drives, thumb drives, LAN adapters, etc.

In most cases, it's usually just enough to move this device three to four feet from the Nintendo Switch console and/or Joy-Con controller.

However, if you continue to experience joy-con not responding when used wirelessly, try to power off the device while using the Nintendo Switch console. If you have tried the steps
above but not yet resolved, you can contact directly on Nintendo Contact Information.