How To Register Friends On Nintendo Switch

How To Register Friends On Nintendo Switch - You can become friends with other Nintendo Switch users. Once you've become friends with someone, you can check each other's online status and play games together. In order to use this feature, your user must be linked to a Nintendo Account.

How To Find Your Friend Code On Switch

How To Add Friends On Nintendo Switch

Adding friends

Select the user icon (user page) on the HOME Menu, then select "Add Friend".

There are two ways to become friends with someone: send them a friend request that they accept, or accept a friend request that they've sent to you. Either method requires an internet connection.

How To Send A Friend Request On Nintendo Switch

Sending friend requests

You can send a friend request using the following methods:

  • Send to local users
  • Send to users you've played with
  • Send via friend code

Send to local users

You can send friend requests to nearby people with Nintendo Switch consoles.

Select "Search for Local Users" and follow the on-screen instructions.

If your console is not connected to the internet, your friend request will be saved temporarily and will be sent automatically the next time you connect to the internet.

How To Play With Friends On Nintendo Switch

Send to users you've played with

You can send friend requests to users you've played with online.

Select "Search for Users You've Played With", then select the user you'd like to become friends with and send them a friend request.

Nintendo Switch Friend Code Online

Send via friend code

A friend code is a number that is issued to each user once they have linked to a Nintendo Account.

Have the person you'd like to become friends with tell you their friend code. Then select "Search with Friend Code" and send them a friend request.

You can check your friend code on the "Profile" screen.
You can also check your friend code from User Settings ⇒ Friend Settings.

Nintendo Switch Friends List

Friend suggestions

If your Nintendo Account is also linked to apps like Miitomo, users who you're friends with on those apps will be displayed and can easily be added as friends on Nintendo Switch.

How To Find Friend Code Switch

If you don't want suggested friends to be displayed, visit the Nintendo Account website via a smart device or PC and select "Friend Suggestions" to change your settings.

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Nintendo Switch Best Friends

Managing friends

You can check a friend's online status from Friend List in your user page. Each user can register up to 300 friends.

Select a friend to display more detailed information about that user.

Making someone a best friend will send them to the top of your friend list. You can also select "Options" to delete a user or add them to your blocked-user list.

What happens if I block someone?

You will not receive friend requests sent to you by blocked users, and you will be unlikely to encounter those users online (excluding some games and game modes). You can block users from your friend list or by selecting Add Friend ⇒ Search for Users You've Played With.

Blocked users will not be notified that you have blocked them. You can check your blocked-user list and unblock users from User Settings ⇒ Manage Blocked-User List in your user page.